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Triple A Traffic Light Method Ilanit Freeman

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming author, speaker and Secretary General of Project Management Institute Israel Chapter Ilanit Freeman to talk about how our personal growth helps us professionally, and to explore the many facets of her self-development process called the Triple A Traffic Light Method.

During this content-rich call, not only do we talk about IIanit’s books, “My Journey from a Dependent Mommy to an Independent Lady”, and “It’s All Down to You”, Ilanit shares her journey towards creating her signature solution, the Triple A Traffic Light Method, which looks at all aspects of the self, including the mind, body and spirit. There’s a lot to unpack about ourselves, and the Triple A Traffic Light Method gives each of us a roadmap to follow as we work towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

For context, Ilanit was born to be rich, yet she always struggled financially. She became so fed up with being dependant, therefore decided to do something about it. Through working toward self-awareness, she realized that her main obstacle to making money was herself, so she worked hard to change her mindset & relationship with & towards money.

Ilanit’s journey has been documented in a private diary, which she shares with the reader inside her books. Her deepest thoughts are being brought in a direct, honest, flowing, refreshing & touching way. The methods she used are simple to understand and follow. Ilanit believes that everybody can do the same. She believes that YOU deserve to be rich, and that you were born to be happy, and encourages you to step up and take action to change your life.

To learn more about the Triple A Traffic Light Method, or to contact Ilanit directly, click the link below.

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