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The American Dream Revisited By Gary Sirak

Hi and welcome to my interview with Gary Sirak.

Gary is the author of “The American Dream Revisited” which I had the pleasure of reviewing leading up to the call.

Gary is located in Canton, Ohio, and has been helping people achieve their American dream for the last 30 years of his life. He is primarily involved in the financial planning and insurance industry in his business Sirak Financial Services, which has been in operation for at least 60 years. 

A quote from Gary’s father, Stan, really caught my attention: “Gary, your job is not to make as much money as you can. It’s to help other people accomplish their goals” which is a great takeaway for those who think making money is the only thing that makes the world go round. There’s so much more to life than money!

I had a lot of fun talking with Gary and found him to be interesting and very well-informed. In fact, it was obvious to me that I could have talked with Gary for much longer than our time allowed. 

With that said, I’ve invited Gary back to speak more about the inner workings of his business – and I’m looking forward to this call as it focuses in on our core mission – which is helping you create business systems that give you control, that converts lookers into buyers more often, and creates a saleable asset when it comes time to sell your business.

What I took away from the call is that regardless of where you live in the world, there is hope for your dreams. Keep them alive, no matter what you aspire to achieve – and get moving – there’s no time like now…after all, NOW is all you have!

The silver lining in this story is not to waste your days with worry, fear, or doubt. Or worse, get to the end of your life carrying a bag of regret. Get out there and give it your best shot, what do you have to lose?

Gary’s book is structured into a well-thought-out list of different people’s perspectives, which look something like this:

  • A Historic Perspective
  • A Personal Perspective
  • An Amish Perspective
  • A Streetwise Perspective
  • A Faith-Based Perspective
  • A Father’s Perspective [my personal favourite]
  • A Survivor’s Perspective
  • A Challenged Perspective
  • A Political Perspective
  • A Kid’s Perspective
  • An Immigrant’s Perspective
  • An Artistic Perspective
  • A General’s Perspective
  • My Perspective, and finally,
  • A Karmic Perspective.

I found the book to be an easy read, and one that you could go back on and reflect when you needed to. One of those books that gives you something new every time you look at it.

On the back cover you will find glowing reviews from some industry heavy weights including Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, who says:

“As I was going reading Gary Sirak’s book, I realized that millions of other Americans could also identify creative and productive heroes that match the individuals he introduces us to in the American Dream Revisited. Nowhere else on the planet would this be true, and it’s true everywhere in America. A great gift of storytelling that relates to all of us.”

Gary’s book is available on Amazon and I’ve provided a link – Click Here To Buy The American Dream Revisited

Whilst you’re at it, click this link to visit and check out his other book “If Your Money Talked”.

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