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Interview With Heather Havenwood

Interview With Heather Havenwood

Heather is an extremely successful entrepreneur, and it was a real treat spending some time chatting with her about her entrepreneurial journey. Thanks, Heather!

Heather is a well-known figure in the online environment, and has years of experience as an internet marketer. A long journey, but one she says has been very rewarding, and worthwhile.

She is extremely busy as the radio hostess of a multi-channel podcast that broadcasts nationwide called ‘The Win’. Check it out here

Heather currently resides in Texas USA, and she holds a Masters Degree in marketing, and in her own words, ‘makes a terrible employee’.

She has multiple brands, some of which she has made millions of dollars with, and others that she is currently preparing to sell for a nice profit.

Heather has worked with leading industry experts including the likes of Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner who are founders of the online marketing brand ‘Digital Marketer’.

During the call, we talked about where she started out, what it was like to leave the corporate world, and how important systems are to her business.

There’s a lot to take in on this call, so I suggest you grab a pen and a piece of paper, or however you like to capture ideas, because there’s plenty inside this call.

I really took a lot away from her suggestion that if you wanted to start your own podcast, that you should first get experience being a great guest. Completely flipped the lid on how you might consider getting into podcasts. Add value first, learn the ropes by listening to other more experienced podcast hosts, and by doing that, you’re well-positioned to start your own successful show.

Heather is making available three chapters of her latest book ‘Sexy Boss’ completely free of charge. More information here or buy SEXY BOSS HERE.

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