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Interview With Phil Singleton

In this content rich call I chat with Phil Singleton from Kansas city web design [] & [] & []

Phil is a specialist web developer and SEO practitioner who has worked with some of the best in industry.

He’s been closely involved with John Jantsch wrote the book called ‘Duct Tape Marketing‘ which is an incredibly well-known small business marketing book.

This collaboration between John and Phil has given Phil a great deal of exposure which in turn has allowed him to scale up his business as a web designer and SEO specialist.

Phil’s real passion sits with lead generation and search engine optimisation [SEO] – this is where he excels and I invite you to contact Phil to get ranked on google.

Phil started out as many often do, by securing a degree and moving into a 9-5 job. He quickly found this was not his path and reset his sails and built a business around what he loves to do.

He decided very quickly that becoming the next office ‘zombie’ as he puts it, was not a choice – so he was quick to realise being an office jockey was not his path or passion.

He moved to Taipei to get involved with international business which was an incredible experience where he studied Chinese and ended up being a venture capitalist.

Phil has an incredible story to tell, so take the time to listen to the call – and if you need web development and SEO, make sure to touch base with Phil.

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PS: take particular note of Phil’s auto example to see how you can turn a simple idea into something incredibly profitable.

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