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Chet Holmes and Mitch Russo

Interview with Mitch Russo

What an incredibly influential, experienced and knowledgeable individual with a wonderfully warm soul.

I often say that the best calls are the ones where we have no preconceived ideas of where the call will go, or what we’ll actually chat about.

Listening to this call is a must if you want to learn from the best in business; but importantly, to hear what Mitch has to share when reflecting on the importance of living your life.

Just to give you some idea of Mitch’s calibre – he worked with the likes of marketing genius Chet Holmes [RIP] – Jay Abraham – the king of preeminence – and the unstoppable and inspirational man himself, Tony Robbins.

To work with the likes of Chet, Jay and Tony says a great deal about Mitch; and I felt so blessed to shoot the breeze with him – so thank you, Mitch!

As a little back story to Mitch’s life, in 1985 he started his own software company in his garage – like many great company’s do – and went on to sell it for an incredible 8 figure amount. Following that, he went onto work directly with Tony Robbins building a business together.

The business that Mitch, Chet and Tony created was called Business Breakthroughs International. Their mission was to serve thousands of businesses each year with coaching, consulting and training services. Mitch was at the helm in the position of President and CEO.

Mitch was not only nominated for Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur Of The Year” award three times – he went on to take the title in front of a large pool of 4000 other nominees – WOW!

Mitch loves photography and has travelled far and wide capturing the wonderful sites and sounds and taking in the cultural experiences our world has to offer. He’s won several awards for his photography and was published in JETGALA Magazine with a 2-page spread – nice!

And it doesn’t stop there – in 2015 Mitch authored a wonderful book called “The Invisible Organisation” which is a guide that shows traditional bricks and mortar style businesses how to create thriving virtual companies.

Get your copy of The Invisible Organisation below

Right now, Mitch is helping his select group of clients uncover new revenue sources and develop business strategies that deliver results quickly.

It should come as no surprise that Mitch also hosts his own information packed business building podcast show – CLICK HERE to check it out

You can contact Mitch directly at

Check out his landscape photography at

I really enjoyed the parallels Mitch drew between growing up in a rock band and running a successful business – I won’t give away all of the juice here, instead, go ahead and listen to the call – I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

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