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Every now and then something special comes along that’s worth sharing with the My Future Business community.

And as someone who has used our next guest’s products and services for many years, I’m able to tell you with a great deal of confidence that there’s much that you can learn and use inside this value packed podcast.

Ask anyone who maintains a membership website and they will tell you that it can be incredibly frustrating as an infinite number of things can go wrong at any time. But what about the other side of the coin, the software developer’s side? What sorts of things challenge them on a daily basis? What sorts of things keep them focussed and moving forward?

And with these thoughts I realised that many of us probably have a limited understanding of how much time, effort and energy goes into not only creating, but maintaining and evolving a software product of this calibre.

As a consumer, I’ve often wondered how people respond when things don’t go to plan. Are they polite when asking for help? Did they want to know the details or just have it fixed for them? Were they part of a tiny minority who made things tough on everyone involved? Or were they just happy to have someone who really cared helping them out? And when faced with challenges, how do the developers of this product stay on track and deliver positive customer results time and time again?

Although I have a keen interest in the technical side of the product and what it actually does, I’m just as excited to learn about the people behind it. After all, without the inspired people driving the development of such products, our fortunate community of users would never have experienced this software product at all.

I’ve interview a lot of different people over the years and often times there’s ‘no click’ – you know, that ‘spark’ that you sometimes get when you’re talking with someone? But this interview was fun for me because it was more like having a chat with someone I’d known for a long time, which is always nice.

As we move through the interview, you might gain an appreciation of just how skilled, committed and driven someone has to be to achieve any level of success in their business. That said, what is also clear is that if you are just starting out, and you have the right attitude towards your business, you can in fact achieve a great deal of success. 

So enough with the build up, please welcome to the My Future Business Show Veena Prashanth, co-founder of and

Veena is not only an amazon best selling author, she is also a co-founder behind a number of incredibly successful  businesses and has an amazing story to share with you today.   

In listening to this podcast my hope is that you not only gain a new appreciation of how significant DAP is as a membership site product, but that you also start to see how it [along with all of the supporting Wicked Cool Plugins] can create many new possibilities in your business.

If you’re ready to create your own membership site, click here.

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Enjoy the podcast.