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InvisaBlend Dino Dondiego

Interview with founder of InvisaBlend Hair Loss Treatment Dino Dondiego

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming author and founder of Invisablend Mr. Dino Dondiego to talk about hair loss, and how his revolutionary technology is changing the way hair loss is treated, and how you can get involved with Invisablend.

During today’s content-rich call, Dino shares his revolutionary technology behind adding hair to make hair fuller. Dino’s products are made for women or men and for anyone with any kind of hair situation. His products are referred to as a cure-all because they work on any hair problem.

Not only has Dino lectured on hair loss, corresponding therapies and treatments at leading industry summits, including the Beauty Pro Health Fitness Show and The Beauty Industry Empowering Seminar, he’s also been featured on a number of radio and television shows such as Good Day New York, Eyewitness News, and America’s Talking.

Dino invented a highly advanced hair extension and hair replacement method that blends single real hairs in between a person’s existing hair so the hair can still grow freely, and it’s called InvisaBlend.

A key part of the product is called a ‘Micro Strand’ which is the key component to why this technology is revolutionary. Dino mentions that this technology type in the world that adds additional hair to make hair fuller or longer that uses the individual's own hair, keeps their own existing hair safe & healthy, and adds hair in a way that replicates the same way hair grows out of the scalp.

InvisaBlend also offers online video training courses to hair professionals, salon owners, entrepreneurs, and who want to be entrepreneurs. This is also a great opportunity for salespeople and or anyone that wants to either start their own business or become an InvisaBlend Agent to offer this technology.

During this interview Dino explains in detail how this technology works, the comparisons to any other technologies in the world, what's involved with his training courses, how to implement this technology into someone's existing business, and what's involved in becoming an InvisaBlend Agent.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Dino directly, click the link below.

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