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Interview With Investment Coach Ira Work

What it Takes To Be a Confident Investor

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming investment coach Mr. Ira Work to talk about the myths of investing, the science behind investing, and what it takes to become a confident investor.

Residing in Nashville Tennessee, Ira enjoys playing golf, traveling with his wife, and taking long motorbike rides. Ira is both a husband and father of four children, and has a passion for all things investing. 

In the summer of 2001 Ira was introduced to the science of investing – investing based on Nobel-Prize winning academic principles. As a result of his understanding of the industry he works in, Ira recognized that the industry caused investors to gamble and speculate with their money. As a result, he committed to using an education process that would help investors understand what it takes to become a successful investor and avoid gambling and speculating, providing them with financial peace of mind.

Having worked for several national brokerage firms and insurance companies Ira has direct experience with the following types of investments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, managed futures, limited partnerships and REITs. In the areas of insurance, Ira’s worked with all forms of annuities: fixed interest, fixed index (aka Equity Index) and variable annuities. He’s also worked with the following forms of insurance - term, whole life, universal life and variable life; long-term care and disability.

Ira’s goal is to help set investors free from the hype of the insurance and investment industry marketing machines by building sound portfolios which incorporate Nobel Prize winning theory with research from leading academics in the field of economics. These portfolios are based on the research of industry outsiders as opposed to those with an inherent interest in selling a product.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Ira directly to see how he can help get started on your investment journey, click the link below.

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