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James Schramko Super Fast Business

James Schramko Super Fast Business

James Schramko Opens Up About Super Fast Business

Do you really have what it takes to be successful with an online business? Maybe you need to attend Superfastbusiness Live 2017…

What do you say after scoring an interview with James Schramko from Super Fast Business fame? Easy: Thank You!

In this eye-opening call, James gives an insight into what you need to consider if you want your business to succeed long term. And who knows, this interview may just be the catalyst you need to  look at your business differently and stoke that fire in your belly so you can go out and get some real results.

As an example of some of the calibre of James’ coaching clients, I was not aware that James and Super Fast Business helped the likes of Ezra Firestone who is an Ecommerce giant, and James Dyson whom James helped spark a fire that would become Optimizepress,. He’s also been instrumental in the development of LeadPages – all of which I have to say, was no less than really impressive and a rock solid reason why you need to take notice of what James shares during this call. And get this, another of his best students went on to the serve the Facebook Marketing needs of the Whitehouse.

Listen carefully as what you are about to hear just may inspire you to seek out James at one of his super fast business live events so that you can improve the way you build your business.

Will we see you at Super Fast Business Live in Manly Beach Sydney in March 2017 ?

To learn more about the Superfastbusiness live event, and how it can help you grow your online business in 2 days, visit

And no – I am in no way affiliated with Superfastbusiness Live 2017 – I just want to help you get better results sooner by connecting you with people who actually get results!

If you want to find James on Twitter – – @JamesSchramko

So if you want to achieve great results like Shaqir Hussyin [], Ryan Levesque [author of ASK – click here to get a copy of ASK], James Dyson [Optimizepress], Ezra Firestone [ECommerce], Greg Merrilees, Tom Breeze {Global YouTube Marketing Authority], Jarrod Robinson and so many more…make sure to do what these leaders did by joining the Superfastbusiness Silver Circle here:

To help you find highlights from this call, I’ve broken it down into key sections – scroll to the section of interest to you – enjoy!

4.13 – The Mental Game [Conceptual Challenges & Strategic Thinking]

6.06 – Business Philosophy & Life Lessons [Look Outside Your Business]

7.43 – Brand Values [What They Can Teach Small Business]

8.28 – Lifetime Customer Value [Moving Away From A Transaction Mentality]

9.43 – Move Or Die [The Pitfalls Of Not Observing And Moving With Your Market]

11.05 – The 80/20 Rule [Only A Few Things Really Matter – Focus On Them]

12.34 – Learning, Implementing, Sharing [Fast-Track To Better Business Results]

14.42 – Want To Expand? [Then Change Your Mental Model Of The World]

24.00 – Money Won’t Always Motivate [The Tipping Point For Lifestyle Design]

25.30 – No Compromise [Take Time To Smell The Roses]

29.30 – How To Have An Impact On The White house [Success Stories Do Happen]

30.48 – Ezra Firestone And James Schramko [Success Stories Happen Often]

31.10 – Optimizepress James Dyson And James Schramko [Success Happens All The Time]

35.05 Sometimes Arrogance Is Necessary [Depending On The Market You Serve]

36.40 – Do You Have A Business Or A Job? [If You’re A One-Man-Band, You Have A Job]

38.28 – What’s Your Profit Formula? [Leads x Conversions = Customers x $ Amount x Frequency x Margin = PROFIT]


40.52 – Track All Of Your Marketing [You Need To Know If What You’re Doing Is Still Worth Doing]

41.49 – Online Or Offline Marketing? [Do You Know The Difference Between “Noise” And “Signal”?]

43.15 – The Emerging Importance Of BRANDING Your Business [How To Be Memorable For All The Right Reasons]

46.40 – Can Anyone Run Their Own Live Event? [The Keys To Setting Up, Delivering Value And Positioning Yourself As A Speaker]