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Today on The My Future Business Show, I had the pleasure of spending quality time with JAYNE SANDERS from Precision Wisdom –

Jayne specialises in innovative purpose coaching and scientific hand analyst. This is an incredibly interesting field, and due to that fact, Jayne’s work has been featured on, and several other prominent websites.

Here is an extract about Jayne’s work…

Welcome to Precision Wisdom™

So many leaders, executives, and high-level business owners are feeling stuck, in a rut, or like something is missing in their lives. I serve them. Using a unique neuroscience technology as my entreé assessment tool (FORBES wrote an article about me and the accuracy of this work), I help leaders achieve that inspired passion, purpose, and freedom they crave in their lives and work.

Then I work with their teams in several ways. I can determine the overall purpose and blind spot for the entire team to embrace, follow, and address. I can ignite stronger teamwork through in-depth understanding of and appreciation for each other. I can positively impact retention by helping place people in the work that will resonate with the core of who they are, and identify their passions outside of work to increase the joy and fulfillment in their lives…which will make them happier and more productive overall.

The results? The inspiration and power of living on purpose. The deep joy and fulfillment of embracing your passions in life and work. Inspired leadership stemming from profound self-awareness and authenticity. Freedom at your core!

Stronger team performance, morale, and results. Higher retention.

Why? The root of many personal and corporate challenges lies in the insidious absence of purpose, authenticity, and passion.

An Advanced Scientific Hand Analyst with an MBA and over 25 years of corporate experience, I integrate the power and science of hand analysis with expert and innovative purpose coaching to help people (and teams) discover and live who they really are, on purpose with what they were born to do, with great joy and deep fulfilment in life and work.

For all of the step-by-step actions required to achieve your purpose and goals, I recommend that you reach out to Jayne today. There’s no time like the present!

You can contact Jayne direct, at: PRECISION WISDOM


Thanks again, Jayne, for being my special guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

My Future Business

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