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Interview with Jeff Mount Dynamic Mapping

Jeff Mount Dynamic Mapping Real Intelligence 360

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Speaker, President and CEO of Real Intelligence LLC Jeff Mount to talk about Dynamic Mapping, and how it can help you visualize your financial future in just ten minutes.

Jeff spent twenty-five years in the financial services business and attained numerous awards including “Innovator of the Year.”  Jeff has been published in many popular financial media outlets including “Global Banking and Finance,” “Forbes,” “Best Company,” “FinTec Buzz,” and is a monthly columnist with “Newsmax Finance.”

On this content rich call, Jeff shares how Strategic thinking begins at minute eleven, and that even though stock trades are now commission free, and financial tips are available everywhere, they often don't apply to anyone specifically. Add to that, financial advisors use outdated financial planning software that takes weeks to build and months to comprehend. By contrast, Dynamic Mapping is fast, intuitive, metaphorically visual, dynamic, and far quicker and effective.

Jeff is disrupting the financial planning community by introducing a financial planning experience that is so intuitive, advisors can engage in strategic conversations in just minutes with investors.  Do-it-yourself investors will also appreciate the Dynamic Map tool to help them set realistic goals for each of life’s major expenses. 

The “Dynamic Map” is a free download from either the Apple store or Google Play.  The combination of this tool and a Dynamic Map approach to strategy and investing can help families achieve financial independence and/or pursue their family purpose.

To learn more about Dynamic Mapping, or to contact Jeff directly, click the link below.

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