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My Future Business Show Interview With Jennifer Benson

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with author of ‘Beautiful Possibilities’ Jennifer Benson.

Jennifer is an English as a second language teacher from New Berlin, New York. She worked in the Middle East, teaching at various international schools for 14 years. In Qatar, she was also an educational presenter for the United States Embassy; and while in Kuwait, she presented workshops for the NESA educational organization in Thailand and Greece.

Jennifer is on a mission to help anyone needing a ‘push’. Maybe they’re looking to start over, or they’re challenged by a fear of being lonely, or maybe lacking that sense of personal direction. Jennifer knows only too well, that if you want to find direction in life, then you need to take that leap of faith into the unknown.

During the call, Jennifer shares her story about how listening to her inner voice [‘inner ding’] took her on a 14-year journey working as a teacher in the Middle East and eventually back to New York. Jennifer also reveals how answering the call to take big leaps and overcome challenges, including the 2004 Tsunami, led her to an even more authentic and fulfilling life. 

By listening to her ‘inner ding’, Jennifer set a new life path filled with personal empowerment and a new level of authenticity to her life. In making these life changing decisions, Jennifer lives a life full of joy, personal satisfaction and fulfillment each day.

Jennifer is passionate about helping you recognize your own "inner ding messages" that sets the tone and purpose of your life’s journey. Her goal is to be a catalyst for you to find soul-nourishment, self-love, focus, and balance on a daily basis.

To get your hands on “Beautiful Possibilities” or to contact Jennifer directly, click the link below.

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