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Interview With Joel Malkoff Selling Ethically

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show entrepreneur, successful business executive and author of Selling Ethically Joel Malkoff.

Joel has more than 45-years’ experience working for large corporations, small companies and he has started three of his own businesses. Joel’s expertise is in executive management, sales, and marketing in the medical and scientific research community. Today, Joel serves as the General Manager and Vice President of an extremely successful corporation that manufactures and sells medical and scientific research products worldwide.

On this content rich call, Joel shares insights into what it means to sell ethically, and how he challenges those around him to make business decisions reflecting honesty and integrity, and to fight the constant battle to achieve business objectives and profits in a marketplace where unethical behavior can go unchecked.

Joel expands the conversation by sharing several examples and insights into business ethics, and reveals some of the challenges we all face when making decisions around ethics. Joel also talks about the letter of the law, versus the spirit of the law, and why ethical business behavior is about more than adhering to what’s legal.

The main takeaway from this call, is that by learning and practicing business ethics such as honest selling and truthful advertising, you can build strong customer relationships, sell more products and services through customer referrals, and increase your profit margins.

To get your hands of Selling Ethically, or to contact Joel directly, click the link below.

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