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During the call John Chow Talks Blogging and really opens up and shares insights into exactly how he runs his blogging business

We deep dive into John’s top ranked site and learn more about the man himself, his upbringing, along with how and why he started blogging, and what blogging meant to him early on – and his response will surprise you!

As a side note, a not-so-funny thing happened in that initially I forgot to press the record button at the start of the call. 60 minutes later, zero content recorded and one really red face! oops!

That said, John being the kind hearted man that he is, said ‘no problem, let’s do it again tomorrow’ – I was blown away by John’s kindness and was very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend some time one-on-one with him.

As always, keen to hear what you have to say…so leave your feedback below.

PS: please disregard the contact Rick links shown in the video as they are not active.