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My Future Business Show Interview With John Jack

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with author, producer and veteran actor of TV, film and theatre, John Jack talking about his new book ‘Letters To My Former Self’.

John lives in Glasgow, Scotland and has appeared in many hit productions from award winning television programmes such as Silent Witness and Still Games to West End hits like Phantom of The Opera and Shout. John most recently starred in the Netflix movie, The Princess Switch, Switched Again.

John has just released 'Letters To My Former Self' which is a collection of twenty-one essays from the perspective of a much older man to his younger self.  Letters to my former self is John’s first foray into inspirational writing and is the start of a multi-part series. The foreword is written by the multi-award-winning British star of Coronation Street, Patti Clare, which lends a lovely warm tone to the proceedings.

Although the book is written from the perspective of an older man to a younger, John hopes that it will be equally popular across the age and gender spectrum as the advice and wisdom given is universal. Given the troubled times we are experiencing right now, John believes that such a book has never been timelier.

This is a wonderful book that reveals life truths that will guide your decision making. When you read this book, you will sense that John is talking directly to you. A wonderful book filled with life lessons that apply to us all.

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