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Interview With Johnny Elsasser

Design The Man Within and Become a Man the World Needs

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger and author of “Design the Man Within: Becoming a Man the World Needs” Johnny Elsasser to talk about men in today’s society, the things they struggle with, and the steps they can take to become a better caliber of man and take back control of their lives.

As a former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger Johnny has experienced four combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and another 5 years protecting the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq in Baghdad. As you can imagine, Johnny has seen the field of masculinity through extreme alpha perspectives and knows the trials and tribulations the toughest men deal with day to day. 

Today, Johnny's mission is to help men find strength in developing masculinity to be consistent with who they are and not what society expects them to be, and has he has shifted his fight to advocating and supporting alpha males in finding their own masculinity and purpose as a man in society today. 

Johnny never saw himself helping men find their most authentic self through understanding where they developed their perceptions and limitations from, but in 2014, after experiencing a divorce, he had to have real conversations internally about his role in the divorce, where he was going in life, and what his purpose was now that he was no longer fighting for our flag. 

In the course of working on his own self-discovery, Johnny realized many men were struggling in life not only to find themselves, but to live life on their terms and give back to them first, before giving to others. He had experienced many true alpha men struggle with their ability to experience life outside of hostility and wanted to help them transition into men who could live in peace and happiness while still possessing their strength and authenticity.

As you begin to understand the power of Johnny’s work, you’ll want to learn more. If this is you, then make sure to check out Johnny’s website and get yourself a copy of “Design the Man Within: Becoming a Man the World Needs” on Amazon.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Johnny directly, click the link below.

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