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Interview with Justin Rondeau TruConversion

Interview with Justin Rondeau

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, General Manager and co-founder of TruConversion Justin Rondeau talking about tracking, optimization and TruConversion.

I recall meeting Justin in Sydney in 2015, and at the time he was travelling with Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner and the cast of Digital Marketer. This was a pivotal moment in my life because it opened my eyes to the blue ocean of opportunity that was online marketing.

I recall during conversations with Justin, Ryan and Richard, just how excited I was about being a part of an event that had such a big impact on how I see marketing, metrics, tracking and optimization. I would go as far as saying that Digital Marketer transformed my entire business.

The biggest takeaway from talking with Justin on this call, is the power of being able to essentially ‘see more’ with tracking and optimization. Better yet, and importantly, how even non-technical people can set up and use TruConversion in mere minutes.

If you understand the importance of tracking, optimization and improvement, and you want to hear from Justin about what it takes to get better results in your business, then stick around for this call.

Not only will you gain an appreciation of just how passionate Justin is about software development, you will also see how laid-back he is in his private life. Also, as a keen bassist himself, you will even see why world-famous YouTube bassist Davie504 gets a mention as an accidental entrepreneur. All in all, a fun call that you don’t want to miss!

To learn more about TruConversion, or to contact Justin directly, click the link below.

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