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Interview with Dr. Keagen Hadley

How To Overcome Psychological Challenges Post-ACL Injury

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Keagen Hadley who specializes in Occupational Therapy and psychiatric clinical research. He’s also a bestselling author, and on today’s call we’re going to talk about ACL injuries, the psychology of injury, and what you can do to do to reset, recover and go on to live your best life.   

Dr. Hadley is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, a psychiatric and neurological clinical researcher and an Amazon Bestselling author, who specializes in using psychological treatments such as ACT with his clients. He is passionate about joint health, the psychology of injury, and entrepreneurship.

As an athlete, Dr. Hadley tore both ACL’s playing college and semi-professional football. This experience made him acutely aware of the struggles associated with ACL injuries and the various issues that can arise psychologically due to this condition.

As a result of his personal experiences, combined with his commitment to learning everything there is to know about his field of expertise, Dr. Hadley has a deep understanding of the interventions and knows how emotional stress can interfere with rehabilitation, daily activities, and overall quality of life.

There’s certainly a lot being unpacked on this content-rich call that may just be what you need to hear to help you reset and recover from a debilitating injury. There is a way forward, and if help is what you seek, then be sure to listen in to the entire call.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Dr. Hadley directly, click the link below.

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