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Interview With Dr. Kelly Henry Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Interview with Dr. Kelly Henry

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On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with business owner, ‘The Customer Service Doctor’ and author of ‘Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service’ Dr. Kelly Henry talking about his approach for delivering exceptional customer service to help grow your business.

In a former life, Dr. Kelly Henry was an award-winning chiropractor who committed much of his life to helping his patients live healthier lives. During his time as a chiropractor, Dr. Kelly focused on providing exceptional customer service for his patients, and built his clinics into the top-tier of chiropractic offices across the nation with multiple locations and doctors.

During the call, Dr. Henry shares how his experience owning his own clinics, and his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, not only helped him grow his businesses, but to also become a coach helping other business owners improve their customer service and create incredible growth and profits.

If you’re looking to attract more customers, clients and patients to your business, increase their lifetime value, and increase your profits, all whilst creating strong relationships with your customers, clients and patients, then stick around for today’s call.

To get your copy of Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, or to contact Dr. Kelly Henry, click the link below.

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