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Kopus Mellini

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Hi and welcome to today’s episode focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Now, this is a SUPER-HOT topic at the moment, and I want to make it clear that neither my guest, or myself, are giving you any financial advice on crypto-currency in any shape or form.

If looking to invest in crypto-currency or businesses who are adopting block chain technology, then do your due diligence, speak to those who are in the know, and make sure you only risk what you are prepared to lose.

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re seeking clarification around crypto or block chain technology.

When I was first exposed to the whole idea of digital money and decentralised ledgers and so on, I was fascinated from the very start. From then I have spent time learning as much as I possibly can about the topic.

Part of the learning curve involves interviewing people who have their own views and ideas, and with that, I would like to introduce my guest for today, KOPUS MELLINI.

Kopus is a cryptocurrency and blockchain investor and music enthusiast who is not interested in the technology so much as he is the practical applications of the technology.

As an example, for many years, musicians have drawn the short straw when it comes to royalties from their works, and Kopus believes that blockchain technology may provide the answer to their problem – and many others for that matter.

He believes that blockchain technology can, and probably will, serve a much wider audience; and during the call we go into just some of the many ways the great block chain collision is about to change how we all do business.

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If you’re just looking into crypto-currency and block chain technology, now might be time that you prepare yourself for THE GREAT BLOCKCHAIN COLLISION!

I would also like to thank Kopus for providing a free copy of his book for you to download “Creativity & Cryptocurrency: Seven Blockchain Technology Based Projects Artists Need To Embrace”

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In closing, to contact Kopus, visit the following links:

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