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Sasha Laghonh Kreative Circle

Interview with Sasha Laghonh host of Kreative Circle

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The Power of Storytelling Through Kreation 

Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming back to the show, host in residence for Kreative Circle, Sasha Laghonh [‘laa-go’] to talk about KreativeCircle.Com, the purpose of the site, and the opportunity it presents for individuals and businesses to share their stories of innovation and creativity around the world.

For nearly two decades Sasha has worked with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life to connect them with their goals through meaningful action. Her mission in life is to show anyone that no matter how complex or daunting the issues may be, they can drive change by approaching life with confidence and clarity.

As a holder of an MBA and a specialist in Organizational Behaviour and Leadership, Sasha thrives under pressure and understands how to make lasting connections. Through her work as a strategist, speaker, and author Sasha strives to make a real difference to every aspect of her clients’ goals. The end result is a holistic approach to evolving performance that’s delivered through a combination of unique insights, clear direction, and a definitive purpose. Everything is then brought together to form a key group of tools for self-improvement which are shared in-person and through digital media. Visit to learn more.

During the call, Sasha shares her role as the "Host in Residence" for Kreative Circle, and reveals the purpose of the website KreativeCircle.Com, and talks about how individuals and businesses can benefit by sharing their stories of innovation & creativity on the site.

Sasha has worked with participants from the world of Hollywood, Technology, Publishing, Movie Making, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Government and Speakers, and she looks forward to sharing your story and purpose as you take on challenges and celebrate your life.

If you’re ready to market your website or platform around the world, and extend your creative message, then this call is for you.

To learn more about Kreative Circle, or to contact Sasha directly, click the link below.

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