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Sasha Laghonh Kreative Circle

How Creators Get Their Message Heard With Kreative Circle

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming founder and ambassador for KreativeCircle.Com Sasha Laghonh [Laa-Go} to talk about Kreative Circle where writers, authors and artists connect to share their message with the world.

Not only is Sasha the Founder of Sasha Talks, which is an educational and entertainment platform that integrates self and professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes, she’s also the ambassador for Kreative Circle.

Sasha’s on a mission to raise awareness among global creators on how to leverage their message to reach audiences waiting to hear and connect with their story.

Anyone who’s heard Sasha speak, knows that she’s a fan favorite; and on today’s call, Sasha reveals many wonderful stories that will inspire you to book your spot on Kreative Circle to get your message heard. 

As the ‘host in residence’ for Kreative Circle, Sasha shares insights and ways you can use Kreative Circle services to quickly get your message in front of your best audience. 

So, if you're ready to share your passion, connect with your target market, and bring attention to your business, book or venture, then be sure to listen in to this call. 

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Sasha directly, click the link below.

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