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Today on The My Future Business Show, I spend some quality time with leading personal brand consultant, LAUREN CLEMETT at ULTIMATE BUSINESS PROPELLOR.

Beyond being a wonderful individual, Lauren has a string of achievements to her name including Female Entrepreneur Of The Year, Brand Management Campaign Of The Year, Best Selling Author, Most Innovative Woman Of The Year, Best New Service Of The Year & Most Innovative Woman Of The Year….just to name a few!

It truly was a privilege to spend some time talking with Lauren about personal branding, and exploring why it’s so important to make it part of your business. 

There’s a lot of great content on this call, so make sure to get a pen, some paper, and take down some notes.

For more information about ULTIMATE BUSINESS PROPELLOR, or to contact Lauren direct, click on the following link…

Contact Lauren

Thanks again Lauren, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

My Future Business

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