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Interview With Marcello Leone Bevcanna Enterprises

Interview with Marcello Leone

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BevCanna Enterprises, Marcello Leone to talk about BevCanna.

BevCanna offers investors an early-stage opportunity to invest in the emerging infused beverages market. Their unmatched expertise, world-class infrastructure and proven technology enable them to develop and launch premium, innovative, infused beverages that cater to the next generation of consumer.

BevCanna are building a lasting business committed to long-term results, and their business is focused on innovation. They produce infused beverages and launch dynamic brands while actively exploring new brand acquisitions, strategic partnerships and joint venture opportunities.

On this content rich call, Marcello shares his journey with BevCanna Enterprises, and talks about the amazing growth and opportunities that are presenting themselves in this rapid-growth market.

This truly was a wonderful interview experience in which I not only learnt about BevCanna Enterprises, but importantly, I was given the opportunity to connect with an incredibly thoughtful and caring human being who is doing his part to leave a positive impression in the world. Marcello, thank you!

To learn more about BevCanna Enterprises, or to contact Marcello, click the link below.

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