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Today on The My Future Business Show, I spend some quality time with MARK PASSACANTANDO at NORTH ATLANTIC BUSINESS ADVISORS.

During the call, Mark and I talk about the importance of planning your business exit strategy – and we explore some of the finer points that many business owners overlook.

There are lots of moving parts to preparing your business exit strategy, and by definition, everyone will exit their business – so, if you want help to plan your exit, Mark is there to help.

Mark and his team at North Atlantic BA focuses on the needs of businesses in the North East working with privately held business owners in the lower middle market.

There’s a lot of great content on this call, so make sure to get a pen, some paper, and take down some notes to help you prepare your business exit strategy.

About Mark…

Mark brings over 33 years of extensive experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, management and operations to North Atlantic Business Advisors. Mark’s successful career has taken him to a number of industries including wealth management, insurance, banking, CPA firms, manufacturing, retail and many others.

He has launched or helped to launch 5 start-ups. Additionally, he works in assisting the Entrepreneurial Program at Boston University and is a resource for the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. Mark also taught Finance at Harvard University for 10 years and has been a professor at Boston University for the past 16 years.

Mark has held senior positions at firms in Boston, Hartford and West Hartford including Senior Audit Officer, Director of Compliance, Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Officer and a member of several Boards of Directors. He has travelled internationally to support corporate goals in these capacities. He has concurrently served as an expert witness since 2001 in cases involving investment securities. This work has been both to support plaintiffs and defendants for or against many Wall Street firms including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and many others.

Mark’s early career started in Hartford, CT as a Tax Specialist at The Hartford, moving on to Price Water House Coopers and Kostin Ruffkess CPAs.

Mark takes pride in his not-for-profit contributions. They include serving as President and Chairman of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts, Chairman of the Alliance Forum, Board of Directors and Investment Committee of the United States Tennis Association of New England, Finance Committee for the Town of Westwood, Adviser to the Securities Clinic at Suffolk University and initial co-leader that installed pro bono Financial Coaching programs at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and for the U.S. Marine Corp, Army Reserves and National Guard.

Mark was a regular guest for Boston Business Radio and has been quoted in several national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Boston Globe.

Mark earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut and his Masters of Business Administration from Boston University. He is a Registered Financial Consultant and Accredited Business Intermediary.

Mark resides in Newington, CT with his family. He enjoys tennis, hiking and domestic and international travel. Mark’s personal mission is to positively impact the lives of others.

Mark is exceptionally skilled in his field, so if you are looking to set up your exit strategy, then contact Mark via the link below.

From here, stick around, because there’s so much great content to share with you, and make sure you listen to the entire call – I’m sure you’ll get a lot of great ideas. 

For more information about NORTH ATLANTIC BUSINESS ADVISORS, or to contact Mark, click on the following links…

Contact Mark

Thanks again Mark, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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