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My Future Business Show Interview With Dr. MARTINA WAGNER

My Future Business Interview with Dr. Martina Wagner

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with Dr. Martina Wagner talking about her new book ‘Physical Intelligence An Introduction’, self-awareness in business, and how Physical Intelligence is the driving force that determines personal and professional success, and the direction your life takes.

Dr Wagner holds a PhD in Microbiology and was recognized with such awards as the prestigious President's Circle recognition while spending a decade as a top International sales, marketing and business development Pharmaceutical senior executive for such worldwide fir such major brands as Novartis in Europe and Latin. Dr. Wagner speaks four languages, holds a Black belt in Martial Artist and enjoys riding high-powered motorcycles.

Dr. Martina Wagner heads, the Consulting and training firm that originated the 7 Minds Program worldwide. Their mission is to empower leaders to first understand themselves, their emotions and life patterns using their Inside-Out Virtual Workshops, Coach Certification courses and One to One Consulting.

During the call, Dr. Wagner shares powerful insights into IQ and EQ, and now PI, Physical Intelligence. There is a lot to unpack and understand, however, in brief, PI has the power to change our brains and our lives in both a personal and professional capacity, which Dr. Wagner explains in detain during this content-rich call.

Dr. Wagner’s new book “Physical Intelligence: An Introduction” is making headlines nationally on recent interviews featured in on such major media as NPR, National Public Radio and CBS podcasts. This is a must-read for leaders who want to achieve a higher level of sustained performance.

Not only does Dr. Wagner share many important insights into Physical Intelligence, she also spends time talking about self-awareness, and expands on self-awareness as the Meta-Skill for women in business.

This is a fascinating call filled with ‘aha’ moments. Physical Intelligence can be the golden key to finally understanding yourself inside and out, and it will help you develop the confidence to be the best you possible.

To learn more about Physical Intelligence, or to contact Dr. Wagner directly, click the link below.

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