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Maxwell Ivey

In today’s post I had the opportunity to talk shop with Maxwell Ivey.

Max, as he likes to be called, resides in Texas and is the totally blind son of carnival owners turned amusement equipment broker.

Max is a blogger, a life goals coach, a public speaker, an award winning twice self published author, and host of the What’s Your Excuse Show.

Max is also becoming known as the leader of the No Excuses Movement. As a blind person, many people say if Max can do it, then what is my excuse. I agree 100%

Max has a knack of learning and implementing many things including how to hand code html, start a blog, record videos, use social media, build an email list, recruit clients, write ad copy, generate email newsletters, and much more…There is a lot of gold inside the call, so be sure to listen to the end!

During the call, Max shares his story about losing more than 250 pounds after having gastric surgery, and has some sage advice about the importance of eating healthier getting more regular exercise, drinking more water, quitting caffeine, eating smaller portions, taking vitamin supplements, meditating, and having a positive attitude.

Max is a firm believer that you cannot achieve your big goal or dream without first getting physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. 

About two years ago Max’s friends persuaded him that he had more to offer and should be sharing his story of inspiration. At the time, Max disagreed, but they made the argument that there are far too many people in the world with no physical disability who are doing nothing with their lives. Once convinced of this, Max started a second website where he share many of his more personal stories about being a blind entrepreneur. Because of his willingness to take action, Max is well-known as “The Blind Blogger”

Max has authored two motivational books. The first one was called Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light, a Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success. In it Max shares his life experiences along with eleven practical exercises for the reader to work through and report on their progress with via email.

His second book is called “It’s Not the Cookie It’s the Bag” [this happens to be my all time favorite book title], which is an easy to follow guide for weight loss success. In it Max shares the lessons He’s learned about losing weight and about keeping it off. Some of them came from doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists. Others have come from living with his new healthier body for over four years since having the surgery.

Max has just started doing his own show on the Creative Magic Network called What’s Your Excuse. That is the question he want my audience asking themselves at the end of each episode. His first guest was a film maker who is losing his vision.

To contact Max, reach out to him on any of the following channels…

Skype maxwellivey

Author Central Page




Max, thank you for being a guest on the My Future Business Show!

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