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What is funnelytics?

My Future Business Interview with MIKAEL DIA

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with founder and CEO at Funnelytics MIKAEL DIA.

Mikael is based in Toronto Canada, and to date, he’s created three very successful 7 figure business including Funnelytics, White Coat Digital, and IIFYM [If It Fits Your Macros].

The focus of today’s call is around Mikael’s entrepreneurial journey, his focus, his mindset, and how Funnelytics came to be what it is today. As a brief overview, Funnelytics is a simple and visual platform that helps you plan, launch and optimize your marketing funnels.

Although Mikael is now an established digital expert and has a strong understanding of how to run a software business, during the call, Mikael shares how when he started, he was not always as successful when it came to marketing and sales.

During the call, Mikael and I talk in some detail about how difficult it was for him early on to bring his earlier business ideas to market, and how the idea for Funnelytics was born from a problem he was experiencing in his own business.

At this point, we shifted the focus of the conversation to Funnelytics, and how it has been a whirlwind journey that has gone from zero to 70,000 users and $1.8 Million in revenue in only 10 months. As you can imagine, there were a lot of challenges that went along with that rapid growth.

The thing about Funnelytics, is that it addresses a need that thousands of business owners have, and that is to have the ability to visually understand the numbers inside their business. Imagine being able to look at your marketing costs at a glance, and easily fix any holes and optimize what’s working. This is exactly what you can do with Funnelytics.

As an early adopter myself, I jumped in early to secure the Funnelytics Pro lifetime offer, which has given me a level of clarity around my numbers that I never could have imagined in the past. Since then, I have used Funnelytics daily to gain that new level of insight that gave me the confidence to stop some ad spends, whilst boosting others that I know consistently deliver positive returns. No more wasted ad spend is music to any business owner’s ears!

One of the standout points of our conversation, was talking about how agencies also use Funnelytics to visually show gaps in their client’s current sales funnels, then propose an improved funnel using Funnelytics; and from there, forecast future results for the client. As you can imagine, Funnelytics is an incredibly valuable asset for agency owners that not only attracts new paying clients, but can also help retain them as you work through the optimization phase of your client’s sales funnels.

It gets even better as Mikael has recently released a new forecasting feature which enables you to enter forecasted numbers that calculate return on investment [ROI] based on the number of clicks you expect, how much each click costs, and the forecasted return on your ad spend during the period. Powerful would not really do justice to how valuable having this level of clarity is to your business success.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, so instead of relying on my review, click the link below to learn more about how Funnelytics can help your business…

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Thanks again Mikael, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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