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Interview With Mike Capuzzi

Achieve Maximum Influence and Impact With Your Own Short, Helpful Book

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming world-renown marketing strategist and Amazon #1 best seller Mr. Mike Capuzzi to talk about little books called ‘Shooks’ and how business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s can use these bite sized books to leverage the power of being a short, helpful book author.

Since 1998, Mike has helped thousands of business owners market their business smarter and since 2008, he has helped business owners become published authors. In 2019 he launched Bite Sized Books, a new publishing venture founded on his proven formula for creating short, helpful books (shooks™) for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Mike helps entrepreneurs and business owners publish short, helpful "direct response" books to grow their authority and differentiate their businesses. Mike’s short, Shooks™ are very intentional in the way they look, in their singular focus, how the helpful content is choreographed, and in their ultimate goal to get readers to take action and become your customer, client, patient, member, or student.

Shooks are faster to create, easier to read, and are designed according to an intentional and proven

direct response marketing formula. This is an important and critical differentiator from all the other types of books out there because direct response books are focused on getting readers to respond (not just read and put on their bookshelf).

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Mike directly, click the link below.

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