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The Future of Work & Effective Management of Assets & Property at WORKNG

Interview with Founder and CEO at WORKNG Mike Fransen

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming author, founder and CEO at Workng, Mr. Mike Fransen, to talk about the future of work, how the office sector has changed forever, and how Workng helps effectively manage all aspects of assets and property management.

During this content-rich call, as innovation, property management, strategist and flex/co-working operators, Mike shares insights into the future of work, what it takes to effectively manage a real estate investment trust [REIT], and importantly, shares how Workng creates a practical road map that will help you protect and enhance your investments.

We also talk about Mike’s book The Legacy Business, in which he explains the background for the book, the theme of the book, and importantly, how it provides practical insights into assembling a life worth passing on to others. To get yourself a copy, visit Amazon and type in “The Legacy Business”.

To learn more about all of the topics discussed, including how to get your assets and/or portfolio a ‘physical’ against your investment strategies, and provide you with an actionable road map that will tie everything together, then click the link below.

The My Future Business™ Show
The My Future Business™ Show

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