In this section, we’re going to be looking at mind-mapping and why it’s an important tool to use during the construction of your podcast-based business.

So, what is mind-mapping?

This is the process of creating a visual overview of your entire business/show in the form of what is essentially a map.

The reason this tool is important for you to use, is that it helps you identify critical parts of your business/show and establishes a visual path for you to follow.

I consider mind maps to be ‘living’ documents, as they can be, and should be, updated when changes occur that affect your plan. When you update your plan, update your mind map.

Now, the tool I use to create mind maps is ‘Freemind’ which happens to be the same one I’ve used from day one.

Although there are other options, I not only use Freemind because of its price [free], but also because of how easy it is to use, and its wide range of features, including the ability to create visual roadmaps with clickable links to documents, webpages and much more.

I have mapped out the entire My Future Business business/show using Freemind, for you to refer to as a guide. As there are so many ways to get to the same end-goal, how you configure your business/show is largely up to you to decide.

So, with that in mind, look at it with the view that it can help you pick out elements that you find useful and want to have in your own system. Less is certainly more when you first start out!

The My Future Business mind map contains information on planning, business systems, promotions, software and profit systems. It also introduces methods for systematically improving your business/show, along with the ways I use to attract more leads without having to do anything extra to get them. 

This mind map is comprehensive, and takes you from what is essentially the start of my own business, through to the finer details that you may consider using inside your own business/show.


  1. Find and download your chosen mind mapping software.
  2. Review the My Future Business mind map, identify and document what you like.
  3. Begin mapping your own mind map using the My Future Business map as your guide.

Important: Before moving to a new module, ask yourself - Have I Implemented This Part Of The Plan Inside My Business?

To help you keep on track each day, refer to the Focus and Productivity section of the program, where you will find tools that will help you manage your daily activities.

If you have any questions, log in to the weekly live call, or post your question in the forum.