Tired of wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to build a business on your own?

Then I’m about to help you build yourself a better, more profitable business sooner using the same tested, proven & automated solutions used to create My Future Business.

My name's Rick Nuske and I'm the guy bringing this blueprint to life so you can build a better business sooner and without so much hassle.

I've actually been where you might be right now. At the start of building my own business with nothing more than an idea. In walking this road less travelled, I've experienced the pain and frustration where nothing seems to go your way. I know how it feels to want to give up.

And if that sounds familiar, I have good news for you: there's a better way to build a small business and I want to share it with you.

This particular page isn't going to rock your socks off with flair, pretty colours, a glossy brochure or anything like that. What it will do though is introduce you to a tested, proven and largely automated way to build your business.

I've personally invested thousands of dollars and years of my life to building My Future Business up to where it is today. And because of this it was extremely easy to pack this blueprint with more than 70 pages of rock solid small business focussed content designed to put your business together quickly and so it lasts long into the future.

And I personally GUARANTEE there will be a lot of quality content that you can use in your business or I'm simply going to buy it back from you - no questions asked.

I have no problems telling you right now that starting and running your own successful small business will be harder than you dream it would be. But don't worry, keep that dream alive with the right guidance and you're well on your way to achieving the goals you've set for yourself much sooner.

Would you like to short-cut your path to small business success by having an experienced small business owner give you critical business building information?

If you said yes, and you think this offer will help build your business, then you'd be right. It will help. It gives you real life insights into the way My Future Business was built, and gives you exclusive access to all of the tools, tips and techniques I've used to save time and money, and that helped me to automate much of my business. There's a truckload of content.

Some time ago now, I was that corporate guy. I was that long haul flight employee climbing the corporate ladder and doing quite well for myself. But even with all my knowledge, skills and on-the-ground / boardroom experience, I was seriously dissatisfied with my career. I wanted to give more by helping more than one employer suceed.

And given my background and what I knew about the odds of small businesses succeeding; it was easy for me to commit myself to helping entrepreneurs and existing small business owners to build better, more profitable businesses sooner.

By taking advantage of what I know, you're about to improve your chances of succeeding as a small business owner.

With my help, you're going to stand out like a sore thumb to your competitors.  They simply won't be able to ignore what you're doing in your business. And with my guidance, you're about to position your business to be on top where your competitors tried and failed.

I know the numbers, and I know what needs to happen for you to have any chance of succeeding in small business - and it's probably not what you think! The failure rate for small businesses nationwide is awful; and that is why I'm doing this - I'm here to help you survive and thrive!

And the way I'm doing that is by introducing you to the My Better Business Blueprint which I've been developing as My Future Business grows.

My Better Business Blueprint

Inside this business blueprint you’ll uncover exactly what I did to develop my own fully functional small business using a very specific set of tools. Used together, these tools helped fast-track the success I now enjoy and reduced the growing pains normally associated with setting up and running a small business.

By implementing what I share with you inside your own business, I know you’ll have the right stuff to save time and experience success sooner. And if you have no products or even your own business, you have an exciting opportunity to work alongside me to get your own business up and running.​

This is no time to worry about the small investment of $7 because I know that what you find inside will not only pay itself back 10-fold, you'll be looking forward to implementing what you find as soon as possible. You just need to be patient, steady and ready to make it happen.

The best part about the blueprint is that it addresses the problems being experienced by traditional off-line and on-line business owners. And the way it does this is by providing a range of traditional business solutions combined with some very smart online strategies that are bound to get your creative juices going! Again, I guarantee that it will or you can have your money back - there's zero risk to you.

I see the small $7 investment as more of a deposit than a straight out purchase. And this is because I'm confident that what you find inside will open your eyes to possibilities that maybe you've never had before. It is very exciting and you should be excited.

And you get all of this business building gold for only $7

The goal for My Future Business is to help more businesses nationally than any other business builder in the country. Our aim is to help you establish and grow your business so that you not only survive, you prosper long into the future.

That said, I know that a lot of people don't have any products of their own to promote early on. So that's why I've modelled some of the brightest in the business to develop another way for you to get your business up and running with no products of your own. This is very exciting for beginners and existing business owners who are looking to boost their existing income.

I'm focussed on helping you succeed by providing solutions that work today.

In deciding to purchase My Better Business Blueprint, you’ve taken the first steps towards achieving whatever business and personal goals you’ve set for yourself. And it gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing that I’m about to help you get there.

 Here's just some of what you get inside the Better Business Blueprint:

A suite of tested and proven methods for building your business.

A way to start your own business with no products.

Traditional business building solutions focussed on Human Resources Management / Quality Management / Environmental Management Systems / Work Health Safety Management and much more. 

There's also a suite of integrated on-line solutions to bring your traditional off-line business into the digital environment.

Inside you'll uncover digital solutions for email marketing  / paid media / solo ads / outsourcing / blogging systems / affiliate marketing / information product creation / live events and much more.

From here, simply click on the green button below and download your copy of the My Better Business Blueprint.