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Why The Cookie Cutter Diet Is Dead [And How Your Own DNA Killed It]

My DNA Coach Interview With Jonny Deacon

This interview was not only an absolute privilege,  it was informative, thought provoking and based on real world examination into the world of your personal DNA.

This is the next evolutionary step towards living a better, more vibrant and much healthier life, regardless of how busy you are in your business.

And the reason I mention your business, is that My Future Business is focused on delivering results in all areas of your business, and that includes your health and well-being.

After all, what good is it to own a rock-star business if the body you live in is not keeping up to speed with your busy lifestyle?

I’m both fortunate and grateful for the opportunities I have to meet new and interesting people; and having met Jonny and his partner at the recent Super Fast Business Live event, my personal focus on health and well-being goals are now much clearer thanks to Jonny’s knowledge and his exceptional My DNA Coaching program.

As a side note, meeting Jonny goes to show the value of attending live events and the power of having a conversation with interesting and unique personalities who can, and often do, change your life for the better.

Prior to this call I was clueless about DNA testing as it applied to my health and well-being, now however, I can see the practical application for you as a busy business owner.

There’s so much good content in this call and I suggest you stick with it from beginning to end and follow up with Jonny for more information.

Also, right now Jonny is offering you access to his pre-release DNA Coaching program here: MY DNA COACH BETA PROGRAM [get in quickly before this offer goes away]

Click this link and subscribe to Jonny’s fantastic podcast show: MY DNA COACH IN ITUNES [be sure to check it out!]

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