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My Future Business Interview with NACHUM KLIGMAN

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with NACHUM KLIGMAN who is the Co-Founder & CEO of the popular all-in-one scheduling and payment software ‘Book Like A Boss’.

On today’s show, Nachum and I talk about his entrepreneurial journey, and how his need to solve a problem in his own business, led him to creating Book Like A Boss.

During the call, Nachum explains that the journey towards success is more often than not, dotted with unforeseen challenges that we must all work through to achieve results.

This is a call for budding entrepreneurs who want to learn more about what to expect on their own journey, and it outlines some of the innovative ways to solve problems that you will inevitably face.

During this conversation, Nachum talked about the genesis of BLAB. He talks about how at the time, there were no solutions that provided a way to share his bio outlining who he was and what he did for his clients, nor was there an all-on-one booking scheduler and payment system that he could use to make running his consultancy business easier.

Nachum’s story outlines something important. If there’s a problem, you can create the solution that will not only serve you as the business owner, but also the needs of others who face the same challenges. Find a problem, create a solution, and offer it to those who need it most.

This is a story of success in a busy SAAS industry. So, if you are keen to create your own SAAS business like BLAB, and turn your ideas into an amazing product that serves thousands of customers worldwide, then be sure to stick around for today’s call.

To learn more about Book Like A Boss, or to contact Nachum directly, click on the link below.

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Thanks again Nachum, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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