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Today, I have a treat in store for those looking to learn more about workplace leadership, and leadership development.

With that in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce founder and CEO of “Training Doctor, Leadership from Day One” NANETTE MINER to the show.

On the call, Nanette talks about the transformation that is currently underway as baby boomers reach their retirement age, and millennial's begin moving into leadership positions. The emphasis here is on avoiding a near-term leadership crisis.

Deeper into the call, Nanette and I talk about how workplaces have created learning silos where learning is segregated into disciplines. We explore why this approach is not conducive to developing well-rounder leadership skills, and why the way organizations used to develop people’s leadership skills is both outdated, and due for an overhaul.

There is a transition occurring, and the needs of our upcoming leaders is evolving. Accordingly, these old-school learning silos need to be replaced with a leadership development curriculum that takes a holistic view of business, and provides information and insights into each discipline. Not in isolation, but as part of a whole of business viewpoint.

Nanette talks about the need to provide an all-inclusive learning experience that includes discussion on all aspects of business e.g. rather than finance training just for the finance team, and HR training for HR staff, and so forth. This change in learning approach is paramount for organizations who want to equip their future leaders with the education they will need to be effective.  

I had a wonderful time on the call with Nanette, and I know you will take away some great leadership insights.

For more information about leadership, and the process behind leadership development, or to contact Nanette directly, click the following link...

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Nanette, thanks again for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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