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Nick Luksha Prospect Ridge Resources

Interview with Nick Luksha at Prospect Ridge Resources

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Managing Partner of Tesoro Capital Partners, and President and Director at Prospect Ridge Resources, Mr. Nick Luksha to talk about the bright future in store for Prospect Ridge Resources.  

Nick has more than 15 years of business experience in capital markets as a director of companies. Nick has close to two decades of business experience as an owner, senior manager, and in capital markets as a director of private and publicly traded companies.

Nick’s vast network of value-add capital sources include high net worth retail investors, family offices, institutional investors and brokers/dealers; and throughout his career, he’s been a leader in numerous sectors including real estate development, investment, asset management, technology, franchising, and building management teams to help small to medium sized businesses achieve controlled growth.

Having operated across Canada, the USA, and Latin America, Nick has cultivated a sophisticated approach to a diverse range of professional environments. Nick has studied math and statistics at Concordia University and attended Harvard University.

On this content-rich call, Nick talks about how Teroro Capital Partners joined forces with Prospect Ridge Resources, and talks about the people behind the business, including the legendary Michael Iverson, Liam Corcoran, Jacques Brunelle, Stella Chen, Nicolai Goeppel, Jason Chornobay and Rein Turrna.

There’s a lot of very exciting progress being made across the PRR project. So, watch this space, there’s solid gold potential for a very bright future at Prospect Ridge Resources.

To learn more about Nick, Tesoro Capital Investors, or Prospect Ridge Resources, click the link below.

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