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Recruitment Specialists Normine Lombard

Interview With Amanda Normine CEO Normine Lombard

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, CEO of executive recruitment firm Normine Lombard Amanda Normine to talk about recruitment at Normine Lombard, and what they do differently to stand out against the competition.

Normine Lombard specializes in executive placement for the consumer goods and innovation space. This company is a small group of executives who come with multiple decades of compiled recruiting experience within consumer goods and each are committed to this area.

Normine-Lombard was founded out of personal passion by two executives who spent the last decade serving the consumer goods space. Whether working in the capacity as a hiring manager, a HR specialist, or the CEO of a company; a main goal for everyone involved at Normine Lombard is wanting to be surrounded by the best and the brightest.

Normine-Lombard unquestionably breathes new life into any recruiting challenge and provides a very clear 5 step process. The firm first starts with understanding the exact hiring needs and where the company currently is in the hiring process, along with any challenges. Second, Normine-Lombard creates a customized search involving research to identify a pool of people who are actively working and doing exactly what position the company is hiring for. Third, the firm engages with the pool of individuals and discovers who is a potential fit and those who are not while asking for referrals at the same time. Step four is where Normine-Lombard develops a rapport with the interested individuals to ascertain how they would fit into the hiring company.

The last step is placement – and as a full-service recruitment agency, the firm develops a customized plan per company, whether it is help with scheduling, managing expectations on both sides and has a unique policy that any offer that is extended, will not won’t be accepted. “Ambiguity is an opportunity not an obstacle, having questions should drive the work not hinder it,” said Jeff Lombard, Partner, Normine-Lombard. ”I understand that change for the better can be hard. It presents challenges that need to be overcome. I’m a sounding board that’s present to listen to those challenges and advise as how to best approach them.”

So, if you need help finding that needle in the haystack who is the perfect storm of passion, product experience and background, Normine Lombard can find exactly that for your business.

To learn more about Normine Lombard, or to contact Amanda directly, click the link below.

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