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Interview with Ofer Yourvexel Pepperi

Interview with Ofer Yourvexel Pepperi

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show Co-Founder of Pepperi, Ofer Yourvexel, talking about what it takes to build a successful SAAS B2B business in a highly competitive and well-funded market using just inbound marketing.

Pepper is a B2B omni-channel sales platform for brands and wholesale distributors that accelerates growth, reduces overheads and improves transparency by connecting field sales and B2B eCommerce on a single, flexible, enterprise-grade platform.

During the call Ofer explains how Pepperi strives to streamline and differentiate the key B2B sales processes for brand manufacturers and wholesalers, which they achieve that by providing a fully connected sales experience for your team and a seamless, omni-channel buying experience for B2B customers.

On this content rich call, Ofer shares his personal journey from the early days as a start-up, and opens up on the importance of having good people around you, trusting the people who work for you, and the reason why innovation and change are the only constants in developing a highly successful B2B business.

To learn more about Pepperi, or to contact Ofer directly, click the link below.

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