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The One Page Marketing Plan By Allan Dib

Recently I talked with BEST SELLING AUTHOR Allan Dib about his book THE ONE PAGE MARKETING PLAN.

Anyone who is looking for a comprehensive, step by step marketing walk-through is in for a treat with this book.

Given what I know about Allan and his creative process, I’m looking forward to having Allan back on the show to deep dive into some very specific areas of marketing that will help you improve results for your business.

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As someone who consumes a lot of books, I enjoy writing reviews and better still, interviewing the authors…and spending some time with Allan was a pleasure and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

If you have ever attempted to write your own book, then you would know first-hand how hard it is to actually take a book from concept through to launch. I commend anyone who actually spends the time and puts in the effort to finally have their book released into the world. A noteworthy achievement to say the least.

Allan is as a go-getter business owner who would rather get moving today than wait for the perfect time. Due to Allan’s tenacity, never say die attitude and his unwavering commitment to massive implementation, he has become a best selling author with his latest book The One Page Marketing Plan.

There’s a lot of marketing fundamentals inside this book that will help new marketers, along with some more advanced tactical ideas and strategies.

I suggest you get your hands on a copy of this book if you are just starting out, or are an intermediate marketer who is looking for a well-structured and comprehensive marketing ideas resource.

This book is very useful to have handy as it will help you stay on track and not overlook the many marketing options available for use in your business.

Here’s the link to the book – go ahead a get your copy:


If you are new to marketing or an intermediate marketer, there’s something in this for you.

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