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Outspend Your Competition To Win

What’s the benefit of outspending your competition?acquire arrow

It positions your business to be able to… 

Spend More Than Your Competitors To Gain The Best Customers

That said, if you’re asking… 

how can I get the cheapest customer?”

… you’ve identified a problem…

You’re asking the wrong question!

This is an all too common thinking pattern that holds otherwise great marketers back from achieving amazing success.

If you think this way, stop, reflect and consider what you need to change in terms of mindset…or be OK with achieving OK results.

A much better question…the question you need to be asking, is how can I spend more to get the best customer?

Having the ability to spend more to acquire the best customers for your business gives you the advantage of speed and rapid growthNot only that, you’ll be able to buy media that most, if not all, your competitors can’t.

Although this strategy sometimes involves making a loss in acquiring a new customer, your focus is first on acquisition and then increasing the lifetime value of each customer. 

Your ability to outspend your competitors and deliver more real value with better bonuses and higher quality direct response mail items and so on. The sky’s the limit…

By providing much more value than your competitors, you’ll automatically attract others wanting what you have to offer. Give more, gain more.

But here’s the biggie…by spending as much as you can on acquiring each new customer, you’ll also reduce the number of sales needed per customer to achieve your target income.

What are you doing in your business right now to get the best customers?

Maybe you have other ideas or even disagree with what I’ve said? 

If so, let me know by leaving your comment below.