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It was a pleasure spending time with Pamela Foland today on The My Future Business Show – Thanks, Pamela!

Pamela has worked in several pet hotels as a dog trainer, kennel tech, and CSR for 10 years. These jobs gave here vital experience in pet habits, pet care, and dog behaviour/training.

Pamela is passionate about pets and pet care, and is making it her life’s mission to save as many animals as possible through providing education to as many people as possible.

With all of her experience, Pamela has become an authority in her field, which allows her to write about pets, and pet care, in great detail.

Pamela is also an established author with her impressive middle grade fiction series called “Megan’s World” which has a variety of pets in each book.

Her goal for the book series is to teach young readers about proper pet care. She visits schools and library’s where she arranges events for young readers, so they can get excited about pets, and more importantly, how to take proper care of them.

Here’s Pamela’s summarised version of the talk she gives during her events…

  • 5 Things Pets Can Teach Children By: Pamela Foland

Many children start asking for a pet at a very early age, and parents play an important role in teaching children the correct way to interact and care for pets.

If introduced to the care of a pet in the proper way, pets can teach children a number of valuable skills. During her presentation, Pamela will cover the top five skills:

  • Responsibility
  • Patience
  • Trust/respect
  • Compassion and,
  • Self-esteem.

Owning a pet teaches children how to respect others and build trusting relationships using patience and compassion. All this being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all children are ready for pet ownership. Parents should first make sure they are able to help their child with the pet. Together, the family should decide what type of pet is best. Moreover, don’t assume a child will take care of the pet without assistance from the first day. The ultimate responsibility usually falls on the parents, not the child, to make sure the pet is cared for properly. But allowing a pet to become a member of your family will benefit everyone involved.

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