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Peggy Smedley Sustainable in a Circular World

Interview with Peggy Smedley Author of Sustainable in a Circular World

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, author Peggy Smedley to talk about moving away from a throwaway economy towards a circular economy, and how technological advances can enable solutions to the planet’s challenges.

Peggy is an award-winning journalist, including the ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award and President of Specialty Publishing Media [SPM] Peggy is a tech expert and one of the Top 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow.

On the call, Peggy shares her views on how new business models can drive profitability, reduce waste and restore natural ecosystems, and how we can harness society’s five generations to solve the sustainability crisis, and what consumer attitudes are promoting change, such as sharing versus ownership and making purchases based on companies’ green ethos.

In Peggy’s new book, Sustainable in a Circular World: Design and Restore Natural Ecosystem through Innovation (Specialty Publishing, Dec. 19, 2020), she makes the case that the world needs to move from grey to green. Make sure to get yourself a copy.

And while society has not done near enough to move the needle on all-out degradation of the earth’s natural systems, Smedley shares how a growing confluence of industries and governments have begun to acknowledge that more exploitation isn’t the answer and that sustainable actions must be put in place

Peggy has her own weekly radio show called The Peggy Smedley Show, which is the No.1 IoT and digital transformation broadcast. Be sure to check it out.

To learn more about Sustainable in a Circular World, or to contact Peggy directly, click the link below.

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