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Your Personality Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

personalityDo you inject your unique personality into every part of your business?

If you said no…then not only are you losing customers who would come to know you on a deeper level and love what you have to say, you’re also leaving money on the table for competitors using their unique personality as a competitive advantage.

Smart marketers know that personality is a powerful marketing tool.

When we communicate, many of us naturally give our best self and inject our unique personality into what we have to say. Keeping that in mind, for those of you who are vanilla boring when you write or speak, think about the positive impact you could have on your clients by sharing your true self and your real story as it relates to your business.

If you’re not doing so already, begin to see your unique personality as an asset that you can utilize to differentiate your business and attract people to you.

Here’s the thing…people buy into you and your story, not your business.

So how can you inject your unique personality into your communications?

How can you use personality to help build long term relationships with your customers?

How can you drive up the average lifetime value of each of your customers?

Answer: use your unique personality.

When I write a post, create email newsletters, develop sales copy and so forth, I’ll always make sure to add my own unique personality. And when I first started communicating in print, I never thought much about the positive impact this would have on my audience.

And here’s the magic in the method…over time, not only have I noticed a greater level of engagement and interaction..

There’s a positive correlation between the use of my unique personality and increased conversions.

Your Personality Polarizes People. I believe having a difference of opinion is a good thing….what do you think? [see what I did there!] That said, it can also be misinterpreted as a bad thing for someone just starting out. To be honest, I’d much rather deliver value, provide guidance and inspire someone with my opinion, than be someone boring who sits on the fence by not saying anything at all.

Think about it, your opinion might just be the one thing someone needed to take action.

I’ve found that there’s usually three types of people that will present themselves when sharing an opinion…which are:

1. “I’m sitting on the fence” i.e. they do not offer any comment or have a preference either way

2. “I’m for” i.e. they agree with the opinion as it relates to their business and how it might benefit them…and finally,

3. “I’m against” i.e. they disagree with the opinion as it relates to their business and how it might benefit them.

You won’t please everyone all of the time with what you say…so don’t bother trying.

Beyond that, I’ve noticed that my readership are more often than not, interested in my personal life and what I’m doing, more so than my opinion. Which really means that if you want to do well in your business, make sure to present your true self when you communicate and you’ll become increasingly attractive to your audience.

On occasion I’ll post articles about my personal life, things like outings with the family, attending local events and so on. And what I find amazing is that when I’m talking with prospective clients, they often make reference to the time when I had done so and so.

Some people even ask me what happened in certain circumstances and if things went well with whatever was happening at that time. By opening up, I’ve basically invited my audience to get to know me on a more personal level. They get to know me, like what I have to say, and importantly, they come to trust my opinion.

In talking about getting to know, like and trust someone in business, I’m a big fan of marketers who create physical newsletters sent by post each month. I get real value when considering their open and honest opinions…And often times their opinions are so ‘colourful’ and honest, I wonder how they make it through customs!

When you decide to write with honesty and integrity, and put true self out there for critique, it can feel a little scary. That said, try it…it will build up your self-confidence and attract your ideal target audience i.e. people who want to hear what you have to say…and you’ll forge long term relationships with those readers who really connect with you.

My best advice today…inject your unique personality into everything you do.

Injecting your unique personality is about being brave. Don’t be swayed by those critics telling you that what you’re saying is wrong. What you say is your opinion.

Inject colour into everything you say and write, and soon enough you’ll have a following that not only knows you, but likes you, and trusts what you have to say. 

There’s many marketers and business leaders who you can look at for examples of rock star personality. For me, personalities I look out for and listen to, include:

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Dave Dee
  • Shaqir Hussyin, and last but definitely not least…
  • Tony Robbins. 

Who can you think of that you find attractive because of their personality?

I’d love to hear back from you…leave me your comments below.

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