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Peter Mehit

My next guest, Peter Mehit, along with his partner, Lydia Mehit, own and operate Custom BPS.

During the call, Peter and I talked about the importance of planning, how blockchain technology will impact planning, cryptocurrency and its future, along with a swag of other great topics that will have an impact on the way you look at your business.

Peter has also been intimately involved in the startup of four different companies either as a member of the launch team, or as owner and team leader. He has held positions of trust from senior manager to vice president and has acquired a broad base of experience as a result.

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I really enjoyed this call and would like to say thank you to Peter for being a guest on the My Future Business Show.

You can find peter here – CLICK HERE

Also, Peter has kindly provided a free copy of his book called “Killer Business Plan” – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY

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