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My Future Business Show Interview With Philip Galinsky

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with NYC based actor and voice over artist Philip Galinsky.

Not only was this amazing call an opportunity to hear what it was like to be an actor on the popular TV show Law & Order SVU, it also gave us insights what it takes to be successful as an actor and voice over artist.

Philip has an accomplished career with mainstream TV, comedy, films, web-based shows, and as a voice over actor on the popular video game GTA 5, among many other notable achievements.

In addition, Philip has also appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, NBC, as well as being a king of the downtown theatre scene as founder of both Manhattan Monologue Slam and National Mono Slam.

During the call, Philip not only shared his journey as an actor and voice over artist, but he also shared insights into how the pandemic has changed the way the industry operates, at least for the foreseeable future, and how you can begin your voice over career from home in this changed environment.

As someone with decades of acting and voice over experience, Philip has helped countless clients grasp the principles of acting and voice over work in a way that they are completely understandable and easy to digest.

Philip has coupled lessons from both his voice over work and acting career, to create and share what he knows through his private coaching sessions and 10-part online video course that will fast-track way to result as a voice over artist.

Philip is focused on bringing out your very best voice, and helping you get your start in the industry. When you work with Philip, not only will you find your unique sound, Philip will also help you get your voice in front of the industry taste makers.

To learn more about becoming a voice over talent, or to learn more about Philip’s work on TV, radio, animation and more, click the link below.

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