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My Future Business Interview with Priceless Royalty

Welcome to the show!

Today, My Future Business took another huge step forward by streaming today’s episode live!

Streaming the show live is a big deal. Delivering your message this way gives you yet another powerful way to get in front of your best audience, and stay there. There’s something raw and very real about streaming that really brings out the authenticity of the guest and their mission.  

With that in mind, my next guest took full advantage of this new approach to promote her music and books, which we talk about at length throughout the call.

Right now, it’s my greatest pleasure to introduce PRICELESS ROYALTY to the show.

Now, aside from being an amazing R&B and Rap Artist, Priceless has also written two books ‘Are You Your Worst Enemy?’ and “Are Your Relationships Healthy or Unhealthy?’

You can find both books on Amazon.Com

During the call, Priceless and I talk in depth about many of her life experiences. Some relating to her love affair with music, and others that touch on her passion for life, and for helping people improve.

Leveraging the gift of her life’s experience has culminated in writing two books that help others look at their lives, and ask how they can make changes that improve how they live, love and grow.

This call is full of great stories and will surely inspire you to do more. So, be sure to stick around for the entire call!

For more information about ‘Are You Your Worst Enemy?’ and “Are Your Relationships Healthy or Unhealthy?’, or to contact Priceless directly, click the following link...

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Priceless, thanks again for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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