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Interview with Adam Battersby Probatter Sports

ProBatter, The Next Best Thing To Facing a Real Pitcher here

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming the President and VP of Sales and Marketing at Probatter Sports Mr. Adam Battersby to talk about Probatter Sports and how this game-changing sports technology has not only revived the love of baseball, and other sports, but is helping thousands of players improve their on-field performance.

Established in 1999, ProBatter video pitching simulators have become the industry leaders for baseball, softball and now cricket. They are truly the Ultimate Training Tool for hitters in these sports. In addition, Probatter’s promotion and fan entertainment packages, which feature a ProBatter simulator and an accompanying batting cage, has proven to be an excellent way to not only amuse fans both before and after games but to actually attract them to the park and they are excellent vehicles for promoting one’s brand.

The team at ProBatter Sports have spent the last twenty years engineering and refining the ultimate professional training tool for hitters, The ProBatter Live Pitching Simulator. Effective hitting comes from strength, skill, and most importantly, the hitter’s sense of timing. Traditional pitching machines can help, but they fail to develop one of the most important elements of hitting in a real game “The Eye Switch,” i.e., the moment when the hitter switches their focal point from a point on the pitcher's hand to the ball itself. 

The “eye switch” is critical for the hitter’s ability to recognize different pitches and allow him or her to develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and balance. It permits the hitter to maintain a sharp image of the ball as it comes toward them. Traditional pitching machines where the ball rolls down a chute or a coach manually feeds the ball into the machine, have been shown to actually hurt a hitter's sense of timing, rather than help it.

The ProBatter Live Pitching Simulator was developed 20+ years ago to overcome the limitations of traditional pitching machines. It is a computerized, professional system that was the first-ever commercial pitching machine company to incorporate a 3-wheel pitching machine that throws any pitch, or sequence of pitches at speeds from 40 to 100 miles per hour with a high degree of accuracy that is repeatable, time-after-time. 

The original ProBatter system was so revolutionary, it resulted in the issuance of 13 U.S. patents, multiple international patents, and was the subject of more than 70 television features and at least 50 newspaper and magazine articles. By combining this machine with a video projection system that displays a video image of an actual pitcher throwing the same type of pitch that is being delivered by the machine through a hole in the screen, ProBatter has achieved the “Ultimate Pitching Machine” which allows hitters to work on their timing and rhythm while facing virtually every type of pitch that they will face in a real game.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Adam directly, click the link below.

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