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Reid Husmer Gone For Good

Interview with Reid Husmer founder of the Gone For Good Franchise

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On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Reid Husmer to talk about Gone For Good, the Gone For Good business model, and to talk about franchise opportunities that exist in the junk removal industry.

Finding new homes or new purposes for used and unwanted items is what inspired Reid to create ‘Gone For Good’, which he designed to maximize success in each community. By forming valuable relationships with local organizations in order to discover their needs, such as clothing for women, children and the homeless, Gone For Good then fulfils those needs by donating items they have collected to specific local and international charities and organizations.

Gone For Good finds new homes for stuff by reselling it in their thrift store, donating to charities, or breaking it down and recycling it as much as they can. Reid reports that it has not been an easy task to be eco-friendly. “It aint easy being Green” because most junk haulers make big money by picking up stuff and dumping it off at the waste transfer stations, then they’re off to do another job. Gone For Good trucks on the other hand, drop off their stuff at a warehouse and another crew will start sorting it.

Helping people and helping the environment are driving forces at Gone For Good and have become the reason behind Reid’s decision to begin franchising. There are many moving parts to running any business, and Reid helps make the franchisee experience much more enjoyable by providing support, training and an online portal where franchisees can go to learn how to get the best results out of their Gone For Good franchise.

 To learn more about Gone for Good, or to find out how you can start your own Gone For Good franchise, click the link below.
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