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Hi, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

Today, I have a treat in store for those looking to fill their coaching practice with all the clients they will ever need, along with some practical tips on improving how you think about your business.

With that in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce REPHOEL WOLF to the show.

As a coach, Rephoel inspires others to take a closer look at the hidden reasons behind why they often fall short of their goals. Not only is Rephoel passionate about helping people achieve their goals, he’s all about giving yourself permission to dream big, and not letting past worries and failures control what you can become, or how much you can achieve.

In my discussion with Rephoel, he shares many different insights and stories, which really tap into the power of self-belief. A must listen to call for those who are ready to reset and move forward.

I had a wonderful time on the call with Rephoel, and I know you will take away some great insights. So, be sure to stick around for the entire call.

For more information about ‘The Coaches Keys to Client Creation’, click the following link...

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Thanks again Rephoel, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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The My Future Business™ Show
The My Future Business™ Show

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