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My Future Business Show Interview With Richard Haiduck

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with former life sciences executive, mentor and author of ‘Shifting Gears’ Mr. Richard Haiduck.

On his way to writing Shifting Gears, Richard interviewed more than 75 retirees, which forms the basis for Shifting Gears; 50 Baby Boomers Share Their Meaningful Journeys in Retirement. Richard is amplifying boomer retirement stories, through his book, blogs, social media and podcasts.

Richard wrote Shifting Gears based on interviews with retirees, sharing how they essentially ‘shift gears’ in their retirement. Sometimes the shift with ease, other times they find it difficult and grind the gears, and many take some time to find their groove.

During the call, Richard talks about the meaningful journeys of Baby Boomers in retirement, and shares his insights into what inspired him to write a book about this topic. Richard also shares some examples of the stories about leisure, volunteering, gig working, and several inward experiences.

This book is filled with an abundance of retirement stories, from the tame to the wild. This book contains so many stories of joy, challenge and inspiration that we can all refer to as we venture into the next stage of life.

To get your hands on “Shifting Gears” or to contact Richard directly, click the link below.

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