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Interview with Richard Stone Story Intelligence

Interview with Richard Stone CEO Story Work

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, author, speaker, and CEO at Story Work, Mr. Richard Stone talking about his latest international best-selling book ‘Story Intelligence’ and why every business owner needs to own their story.

Richard is a nationally recognized speaker on the power of story and its applications in business, healthcare and education. Richard got his start almost 30 years ago developing story-based training programs for team building and leadership development and has been a leader in work on narrative reminiscence.

Richard has worked for the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hewlett Packard, Eastman Chemical Company, Kraft Foods and Novant health, and his current work at StoryWork International is focused on using the power of story to assist leaders to transform their organizations and their approach to leading, and infusing their work with deeper purpose and meaning.

During the call, Richard shares when companies are grounded in an aspirational story filled with purpose and significance, their potential for achievement is greatly enhanced. In his new book Story Intelligence, Richard also discusses the kinds of key stories that leaders must master to be effective.

On this content rich call, Richard shares a great deal about the practical approaches to storytelling in the workplace, and how it closely aligns with the art of conversation. So, if you’re looking to use storytelling in your business to improve workplace culture and performance, then make sure to listen to the entire call.

To learn more about Story Intelligence, or to contact Richard directly, click the link below.

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